Thunderhead Creations Tauren Solo V1.5 RDA


Thunderhead’s Tauren Solo V1.5 RDA is a 24mm atomizer with a 2ml juice well and 810 drip tip. Ideal for single coil vapers who want the absolute best performance from their coils.

The Stainless steel build deck n the Tauren solo V1.5 features 4 inward angles post holes and a 6mm gap leaving room for even the biggest single coils. The airflow on the Tauren V1.5 aims to engulf your coil for optimum performance. With 31 micro airholes throughout the deck for 3D airflow. You can top up your eliquid easily through the top of the RDA as normal or you can use the optional BF pin for use with squonk mods.

The airflow ring on the Tauren solo v1.5 is a detachable ring that you twist to precisely dial in the amount of air taken in through the RDA. The entire RDA itself is only 4 separate pieces which come apart easily for cleaning and re attach securely. Available in 5 colours and each come with the Thunderhead seal of quality.

Key features of the Tauren Solo V1.5 RDA:
3d Airflow that surrounds your coils for optimum performance
Easily taken apart for cleaning
Stainless steel 4 post deck
6mm Coil space

Tauren Solo V1.5 Specifications:
Stainless steel deck
Dimensions 24mm Diameter 30mm height
31 micro airholes
Optional BF squonk pin included
2ml juice well

Earn up to 150 Points.