Poke Nicotine Pouches Raspberry


Raspberry nicotine pouches by Poke capture the sweet, distinct flavour of raspberry.

Offering a simple and discreet alternative to vaping or smoking, these nic pouches allow you to satisfy cravings on the go. Available in medium to high strengths of 9mg, 12mg and 16mg per pouch, it’s easy to find your ideal level.


  • Raspberry Flavour Nic Pouch
  • 9mg, 12mg & 16mg Strengths
  • 20 Pouches Per Pack
  • Recyclable Packaging

Using your pouch is straightforward, just place one between your top lip and gums. From there, you’ll experience a tingling sensation for around 5 minutes. Each pouch can be used for up to 30 minutes before needing to be disposed of. If you aren’t near a bin, simply pop the used pouch in the storage compartment inside your tub.

The Poke nicotine pouch collection features a range of simple, yet fruit and mint bold flavours, in both medium and higher strengths that are ideal for experienced pouch users.

Please note: Do not chew, suck or swallow these pouches – they’re only designed to be placed behind your top lip.


  • 20 x Raspberry Poke Nicotine Pouches

Earn up to 35 Points.