TACJA by Elf Bar Nicotine Pouches Blue Sour Raspberry


Elf Bar Tacja Blue Sour Raspberry nicotine pouches combine the sweet taste of blueberry with sharp notes of raspberry.

Elf Bar nic pouches are a simple, discreet option, ideal for situations where you can’t vape or smoke. These 0.55g pouches each feature strengths of 6.6mg, 9.9mg or 11mg – the label on the tub shows the nicotine content per gram. The 6.6mg pouches are a good starting point if you’re new to pouches or if you prefer a lighter strength. The two higher-strength options are recommended only for those with some experience using pouches.

Berry Flavour Nic Pouch
6.6mg, 9.9mg 11mg Nicotine Strengths Per Pouch
20 Pouches Per Pack
Recyclable Packaging
To use your Elf Blue Sour Raspberry nicotine pouches, simply take one out of the tub and place it between your gum and top lip. You’ll feel a tingling sensation for around five minutes, which lets you know your pouch is working. Keep your pouch in for up to 30 minutes. When you’re done, simply dispose of it and insert a new one whenever you’re ready.

The Elf Bar Tacja pouch collection features flavours inspired by the most popular Elf Bar disposable vapes, so they’re ideal if you want to experience your favourite Elf flavour in a more discreet format.

Pouch nicotine strength breakdown:
6.6mg nicotine per pouch = 12mg nicotine per gram (packaging label)
9.9mg nicotine per pouch = 18mg nicotine per gram (packaging label)
11mg nicotine per pouch = 20mg nicotine per gram (packaging label)

Please note: do not chew, suck or swallow these pouches – they’re only designed to be placed behind your top lip.

Earn up to 35 Points.