Aspire Triton Coils


Featuring just the kind of quality that you expect from Aspire, this is a replacement Triton Coil in 0.3, 0.4 or 1.8 Ohms. With a resistance of 0.4 Ohms (25 to 30 Watts) we have a 5 pack of individually sealed, stainless steel coils. This is a great ‘all-round’ coil that performs well on flavour and cloud production. It’s also an economic option which uses slightly less e juice.

For a warmer vape how about the 0.3 Ohm (45 to 55 Watt) stainless steel coil? This coil can deliver a little more flavour and chuck some great clouds.

Both coil types use organic cotton wicks and surgical, 316L grade stainless steel wire. For a non sub ohm vaping, we have the 1.8 ohm coils using kanthal wire rather than stainless steel wire.

Coils are supplied individually. Full packs also available online where advertised