Eleaf iTap Kit


The Eleaf iTap is a compact device, it can be compared to the Caliburn or the Vinci as far as shape, it’s not so unique looking. The device is the perfect handheld size with the firing button in the perfect position for a thumb fire.

The iTap includes detachable pods with a large mouthpiece that’s suitable for MTL vaping styles. The iTap offers two coil options including a GS Air 0.75ohm coil that offers the usual wattage mode and a GS Air S 1.6ohm coil offering a temperature-controlled mode that protects your coil from overheating and burning dry.

The device functions simply with an easy five clicks on and off. The iTap utilizes LED light indicators that track your battery percentage.

Now let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons. Alright, first things first the major con above all else is the 1.6ohm coil, it’s a nightmare. Reviewer Mike Vapes said that he had to swap the coil out immediately because it wouldn’t allow him to vape after two puffs.

The coil is oversensitive, it’s supposed to detect the temperature of your coil but it keeps getting stuck and stopping you from vaping after 2 or 3 puffs each time. Also, it’s a very restrictive direct lung vape if you try to DL this you will get a sharp throat hit.

Another con with the iTap pod system is the fill port pod with the rubber stopper, it’s hard to get the rubber stopper out, it’s best to fill this pod up before heading out because you have to use a screwdriver to push the stopper back in its place. There was some discrepancy over the large mouthpiece but you can adjust it to your liking so it’s no big deal.

Onto the pros, outside of the perfect compact shape of the pod, Eleaf affords users many coil options which is a huge pro. The 0.75ohm coil was favored above all for the flavor.

The adjustable airflow is a lovely touch when it’s fully opened it delivers a very tight restrictive DL vape. With it halfway open it’s a fairly loose MTL lung hit, you get dense vapor production that’s quite smooth.

The 800mAh battery is long-lasting, the temperature control is lovely but Eleaf needs to fine-tune that 1.6ohm coil a little more. 30W is more than enough wattage for a full flavorful vape.


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